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Sno-Valley Dream Factory, LLC seizes the opportunity the new environment that ecommerce, custom manufacturing, and crowdfunding enables; communicates that opportunity to aspiring entrepreneurs; and turns ideas into profitable businesses in the Snoqualmie Valley.  We contract with inventors and originators of intellectual property to develop, market, manufacture, and manage sales of end products.





Team: Who We are


Luke Marusiak

Commited to Innovation

Luke embraced leadership as a U.S. Army officer and Innovation as a leader of high tech Silicon Valley companies.  He spent fourteen years at Applied Materials rising to Managing Director, was COO of Intevac, and CEO of MDC Vacuum, LLC  before moving to Washington.  He has led worldwide development, manufacture, and distribution of a broad range of technology products. Luke holds a BS and a Master’s degree in Engineering and Science. Luke is a Desert Storm Veteran who served as a Captain in the 1st Infantry Division. Luke captured much of his impressive experience by authoring a three book series on Business Excellence which can be referenced on Luke's Amazon Author Page or on his website.

what's important 

We are making our stand here in the Snoqualmie Valley.  What’s important to us is that those living in the Snoqualmie Valley can point to business successes borne of their ideas; that students see they have options to take them as far as their imagination can go; and that aspiring entrepreneurs know they have a ready ear for their ideas at the Dream Factory.  In short, we’re venture fund entrepreneurs working to prove that wealth creation can actually be successful with Sno-Valley inventors. 


Sno-Valley Dream Factory, LLC is a Venture Fund / Start Up Studio that evaluates protected ideas.  We evaluate and determine if we’re willing to risk our funds to take something to market.  We feel it was imperative for us to set up this venture fund for Snoqualmie Valley.  We’re currently funding inventors in two areas: receiving royalty and providing royalty. 





what we do

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Taste of Sno-Valley

Bringing the Best Local Recipes to Market

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Sno-Valley Solutions

Hardware Solutions from our Inventors

Outdoor Recreation

Innovating for Our Outdoor Culture


Leveraging Our Local Business Platform

Sno-Valley Dream Factory is the parent of four business divisions: Food (Taste of Sno-Valley), Hardware (Sno-Valley Solutions), Outdoor Recreation, and Marketing.



We've set the foundation with our first product launches from Taste of Sno-Valley and look forward to ramping our product portfolio and business in 2019 and beyond.





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Vision, purpose, Values



We want to provide opportunity to the deep and diverse human talent of Snoqualmie Valley. Those with Good Business Ideas can find a ready ear at the Dream Factory.

Taste of sno-valley

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Ben started with his passion for sauce in North Carolina 40 years ago.  As the owner of Mt. Si Fitness, he has refined and produced his special recipe for friends and family who all were amazed at the unique sweet and zesty sauce.  


Through the work of Sno-Valley Dream Factory's Taste of Sno-Valley Division, you too can amp your favorite dishes with Omama™ Barbeque Sauce & Slather - a sauce unlike anything you've ever tasted!

Our First Inventor

Ben Cockman

Facebook Page

Check out the Omama™ Barbeque Sauce & Slather Facebook page and stay tuned as there is much more coming in Sauces and other Taste of Sno-Valley Products! 







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Sno-Valley Dream Factory, LLC plans to ehance the stamp of entrepreneurial innovation on the Snoqualmie Valley.  Drop us a note or come visit us to share your ideas or just say 'hi'.



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